Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

You’ve probably caught a glimpse of the new craze over tankless hot water heaters. Perhaps you have a neighbor that’s installed a tankless water heater or you saw them at your neighborhood Lowe’s Home Improvement store. How do you decide if you should just replace your standard water heater or if you should get a tankless one? Here are a few things to consider when deciding if you should get a tankless water heater or not.

Cost of tankless hot water heaters

The first thing you will probably notice when browsing tankless hot water heaters is the price. At first glance it is exorbitant compared to your typical hot water heater that would only set you back a couple hundred dollars. Although a tankless water heater would set you back a pretty penny, it may be worth it if you are planning on staying in the house for a long period of time or if you have a large family and are tired of running out of hot water every morning.

Cost of operating a tankless water heater

One consideration for a tankless water heater is the amount it will save you on your gas bill in the long run. Since you won’t be heating water and letting it sit in your hot water heater when you aren’t using it, you’ll be saving lots of money on your gas bill every month. Depending on the efficiency of the tankless hot water heater, you will probably save around $200/year. Over the life of the tankless water heater (They last 20-30 years while a standard water heater with a tank only lasts 5-10 years), the savings will pay for itself many times over.

Standard water heater durability

A standard water heater only lasts 5-10 years before calling it kaput, depending on how much you use your water heater. One reason for this is because sediment builds up on the bottom of the water heater, causing it to have to work harder to heat through the sediment up to the water. Not only that, but all the extra work your water heater is doing is costing you money too!

Tankless water heater durability

On the other hand, with a tankless water heater, you get a much more durable item that costs you a lot less to operate. Since the tankless hot water heater only heats the water you want, there is no chance that it will build up sediment. A tankless hot water heater also turns itself on only when you need it to, so it doesn’t have to work as hard or a long, also helping it to last longer than your typical hot water heater.

Shopping for your new tankless hot water heater

Go tankless today! The long term benefits of a tankless hot water heater far outweigh those short term ones of a standard hot water heater.